Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome back Erin!!!

This past weekend, a good friend from high school/middle school moved back to Cleveland after living in Toledo for many years. We're so excited, especially since we both have kids, and Miles and her youngest Reese are only a day apart!! Today we went over to Erin's to see the new house, and let the kids play. Warning, there are tons of pics!!

Right away, Miles took a liking to Reese!
He just kept petting her, lol!
(He was probably jealous that she has more hair!)

Reese giving me her serious face...
and then she started posing!
Miles moved non-stop once we got outside!
As did Eli, hence no good pictures of him!
He LOVED the riding mower, lol!
Miles found Kerri and Erin very entertaining!
Our almost 1 year olds!!
This is all my pictures of Rylan were turning out...
Until she realized I could show her them afterwards!
Then she started hamming it up!
They were sweaty messes, but stopped for a second for a snack and a drink!
Here's Rylan again, covered in flowers that she picked and had in all of our hair, lol!

It was a great day, but we had to leave as tantrums were spreading like wild fire, at least from my boys, lol! Welcome back Erin and family, we surely missed you guys!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miles Alexander, 11 months!!

AHHHHH, one more month and my baby is 1!!! Just in the past week, Mr. Miles has gone from 4 teeth, to 8! All 4 of the new ones just broke through the other day, and unlike his first round of teeth, these didn't seem to bother him! His coaxed steps that he was taking last month, have turned into steps on his own. He is getting more and more brave by the day. Crawling is still his preferred method of travel, but that's just fine by me! ;) Other than that, I'm in crazy craft mode getting things done for his upcoming birthday bash. Someday he'll thank me! Here's a few shots of my little cookie monster, enjoying...what else, but a cookie?!

I'm bummed this one's a little blurry, the kids moved a camera setting and I didn't notice, lol!

Cookies wear him out!
And a bonus shot of Eli!